DeWine Unveils Prosperity Plan

Republican candidate for governor, Mike DeWine, released his three-point plan for advancing Ohio’s prosperity. The planks are:

The plan states: “Our state’s future depends on every Ohioan — whether living in a city, suburb or rural community — gaining the skills he or she needs to find high-wage jobs and a meaningful place in this fast-changing, world competitive economy.”

OMA president Eric Burkland reacted to the plan, saying: “In working with manufacturers of all sizes across Ohio, we have learned that the issues the DeWine-Husted campaign has prioritized are spot-on.

“The focus on preparing Ohioans for meaningful work and acting to match workers with employers is of utmost priority. The largest barrier to growing the economy is a significant workforce shortage.

“Mike DeWine’s plan to foster training and development pathways for workers responds to the greatest challenge of our era.” 8/15/2018