Customers & Suppliers, Oh My!

The Manufacturers Marketplace is a unique manufacturers-only digital marketplace featuring interactive listings and information on more than 300,000 leading U.S. manufacturers, including more than 15,000 in Ohio.

Created in collaboration with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the Marketplace is now available to members of more than 20 state manufacturers’ associations, including OMA members.

Manufacturers Marketplace is a tool for manufacturers in Ohio and the U.S to help find potential U.S. customers and suppliers. 

What Google and Yahoo did for online searches, Manufacturers Marketplace is intended to do for buyers and sellers in the manufacturing economy whether they’re large or small firms. The goal is to create the most comprehensive, simple to use and innovative industry network in the market.

Manufacturers Marketplace works by including manufacturers of all sizes whether they are a member of the OMA or the NAM or other participating state manufacturers’ associations. As manufacturers access the Manufacturers Marketplace, they are prompted to search and then claim their listing. From there, registered users are prompted to expand their listings with detailed information, including additional locations, certifications, equipment, capacity and much more.

As manufacturers add information to the listings, the Marketplace becomes an even more powerful tool.

Manufacturing members of the OMA qualify for the annual member price of $500, a $2,000 savings. Sign up for any of the upcoming free webinar demos to learn more. Or, go to Manufacturers Marketplace and use the December discount code of OHIOAYKL1217 to join now. 12/4/2017