Chip Shortage Worsens for Automakers

The global chip shortage has worsened for key automakers. Toyota this week announced it will drastically reduce global production. Ford will temporarily shut its Kansas City plant that builds the F-150.

Visual Capitalist recently published this infographic to illustrate the impact of the chip shortage on U.S.-based automakers. When the graphic was published, more than 1.1 million vehicles were estimated to face production delays — with Ford, Stellantis, and GM combining for 855,000.

Japanese automakers Honda, Nissan, and Toyota (prior to this week’s news) were estimated to take a collective hit of approximately 108,500 delayed models, while companies like Hyundai and Volvo had fewer than 3,000 vehicles impacted. Where each automaker sources and installs its chips is a key reason for the discrepancy. 8/19/2021