$3.5B Investment Announced for Fayette Co. Electric Vehicle Battery Factory

This week, to a packed house of officials at the Statehouse, Honda Motor Co. and LG Energy Solution announced that their joint venture has selected Fayette County to build a new $3.5 billion facility where electric vehicle batteries will be manufactured to power Honda and Acura electric vehicles. The project is expected to create 2,200 new jobs.

Honda further announced it is investing $700 million to retool existing Ohio facilities to advance its vision of a fully electrified future.

OMA President Ryan Augsburger released this statement: “Ohio’s automobile manufacturing legacy begins another amazing chapter today. The Buckeye State is already a leader in North America’s quickly evolving EV market. This latest development will ensure Honda has dependable access to Ohio-manufactured batteries – and Ohioans can look forward to more well-paying career opportunities in the near future as Honda continues to invest in our state.

“Ohio continues to prove to the nation – and the rest of the world – it has what it takes to compete for 21st century manufacturing jobs!” 10/11/2022