What Employers Need to Know About Ohio’s New Gun Law

Ohio’s new gun law (Senate Bill 215) will take effect June 13, permitting all qualified adults to carry concealed, non-restricted firearms without a license.

In this new insight, OMA Connections Partner Fisher Phillips says that for private employers, little is changing. “You are still permitted to prohibit your employees — as well as customers and other third parties — from carrying weapons into company-owned buildings or company-owned vehicles,” the firm says, urging employers to ensure their policies clearly state their position to remove any confusion.

Fisher Phillips notes that “given the way the new law co-exists with Ohio’s parking lot law,” employer policies “may now not ban a person from transporting or storing a firearm or ammunition inside their privately owned motor vehicle” under conditions outlined in the parking lot law. Employers may need to revise their policies accordingly. 3/24/2022