“Release of Final Overtime Rule Imminent”

OMA Connections Partner, Frantz Ward, writes:  “Based upon information received from a number of sources, it now appears that the Department of Labor’s controversial changes to the rules governing the white collar exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act will be finalized and published in the coming weeks – potentially as early as next week. Once published, it is expected that employers will have only 60 days before the new rules take effect.

“The DOL initially released its proposed changes to the FLSA’s regulations in July 2015. The proposed rules contained a number of controversial changes, including an increase in the minimum salary threshold for the white collar exemptions from an annualized level of $23,660 to $50,440, as well as automatic, annual updates (increases) to the minimum threshold.

“… it is clear that the final rules will impact millions of traditionally exempt positions.”

Watch for an OMA webinar on the compliance requirements.