OMA Supports Bill to Rein in Health Care Mandates

Last week the OMA submitted proponent testimony on House Bill 450, legislation that would would curb costly new state-driven health care mandates.

In testimony the OMA noted three protections in the bill for employers: “First, it prohibits the enactment of future mandated benefits unless qualifying conditions are met. This means that only the most relevant mandates will be allowed in the future.

“Second, requiring the Superintendent of Insurance to conduct an actuarial study on the cost of existing mandated health insurance benefits and compiling a list of all existing mandates will help determine the true costs of these mandates on manufacturers and all Ohio employers.

“Finally the creation of the Health Care Mandated Benefits Review Committee, which will have responsibility for reviewing and reporting on existing mandated benefits, will provide data to help inform the financial consequences of mandates on the populations that fund them.” 3/7/2018