Ohio Enlists Private Sector to Fight Unemployment Fraud

It’s being called the largest cyberattack in world history. Fraudulent unemployment claims comprise nearly 50% of claims in some states, according to reports, as criminals from across the globe have stolen between $200 billion and $300 billion in benefits nationwide.

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) has flagged nearly a million claims for benefits for fraud, most of them tied to the federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program. Ohio will spend more than $12 million to contract with private-sector firms to fight fraud affecting both the traditional unemployment program — fully funded by employers — as well as the federal program.

Any Ohioan who suspects their identity was compromised and used to file a fraudulent claim is urged to report it to ODJFS immediately by visiting this website. For employers that suspect fraud has impacted an existing employee, or believe that fraudulent claims could impact their experience rate, see this FAQs page. 3/10/2021