Ohio Employers Can Report Unemployment ID Theft Online

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) announced this week that during December, it identified 56,000 fraudulent overpayments in the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program, costing taxpayers an estimated $330 million.

In response, ODJFS has created a new online portal that provides a direct way for employers to notify the agency if they believe their employees’ personal information was compromised and used to file fraudulent unemployment claims. Employers can visit unemployment.ohio.gov, click on the “Report Identity Theft” button, and submit the names of any employees whose personal information may have been compromised.

Many employers have been alerted to this growing problem when they receive a “request for separation information” from ODJFS regarding an individual who is currently employed. Last month, ODJFS issued 1.7 million 1099-G tax forms to individuals in whose names unemployment benefits were paid in 2020. Many of those individuals never received benefits and didn’t know their identity had been compromised until they received a 1099-G form.

Individuals may call (833) 658-0394 or visit the online portal to notify the agency if they believe their personal information was compromised. 2/2/2021