“ICE” Storm Coming

OMA Connections Partner, Barnes & Thornburg, posted this alert about immigration actions in the workplace: “On Oct. 17, the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Thomas Homan, announced that the agency intends to quadruple the number of worksite enforcement actions throughout the country. This means employers should expect a dramatic increase in the number of Form I-9 inspections initiated by ICE. These inspections involve ICE agents auditing an employer’s Form I-9s and other employment records to evaluate whether the employer properly verified its employees’ work authorization statuses and to determine whether the employer is employing unauthorized aliens.”

And: “Employers should consider preparing for these anticipated enforcement actions, particularly in the food service, hospitality, manufacturing, construction and agriculture industries, which ICE tends to target.”

Read more from Barnes & Thornburg here. 10/23/2017