FREE Opioid Toolkit for Employers

OMA Connections Partner, Working Partners(R), with funding from Anthem BlueCross BlueShield has worked with the Ohio Chamber to bring an Opioid Toolkit to Employers. It is available at no charge to all Ohio businesses.

The 5-module course (13-16 min. per module) gives an overview of the legal and operational issues an employer must consider in dealing with an employee’s use of opioids and other substances. The modules include best practices around how, when and why to drug test; how to handle a situation if the employee confesses or is discovered to be using harmful substances; and much more.

An hour-long employee education course teaches the employee a five point strategy and provides downloadable tools to enable the employee to understand the dangers of misusing prescription drugs and how to be a safe and responsible consumer of drugs.

Other resources include:

To get additional help for your workplace program, please reach out to OMA Connections Partner, Working Partners(R). 3/21/2018