Businesses Could Do More re. Workplace Substance Abuse (video)

One in three Ohio businesses do not administer any components of a drug-free workplace program or do not know if they do.

That is a finding of a recently conducted, first of its kind, survey among businesses in 17 Ohio counties. The study was executed by OMA Connections Partner, Working Partners®, together with participating community health boards.

The goal of the survey was to assess the perceptions, attitudes, knowledge and practices of businesses as they relate to preventing and addressing the harmful use of substances in the workplace and workforce.

One conclusion of the study is that Ohio businesses could do more to grow and maintain Ohio’s employable, drug-free workforce. Best practices include: 1) written policy and operations; 2) employee education; 3) supervisor training; 4) drug and alcohol testing; 5) assistance for employees.

Another conclusion of the study is that businesses have limited connections to helping resources.

Watch a short video here.

To learn more, contact Working Partners®. 10/24/2017