SCOTUS Could Significantly Limit U.S. EPA’s Power

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to soon issue a ruling that will determine the degree to which the U.S. EPA can regulate greenhouse gas emissions as an air pollutant. According to reports, the decision may have significant implications for the Biden administration’s climate efforts.

The case involves the Obama-era “Clean Power Plan,” which was estimated to cost as much as $33 billion a year and would have reordered the U.S. power grid, according to experts. West Virginia, joined by more than 20 other states — including Ohio — sued the U.S. EPA, arguing the agency shouldn’t have the power to regulate emissions from the power sector.

In 2016, the OMA joined more than 160 business groups nationwide in filing an amicus brief in support of the lawsuit to overturn the Clean Power Plan. 6/29/2022