Ozone Regs About to Choke Cincinnati, Cleveland Manufacturers?

This week, Ohio EPA hosted a meeting with interested parties, including the OMA, to discuss the likely possibility that Ohio’s southwest region will soon be designated as an area in “moderate non-attainment” of the federal ozone standard — which was lowered to 70 parts per billion during the Obama administration.

The region’s status change from “marginal” to “moderate” non-attainment will trigger additional compliance requirements under the federal Clean Air Act. This change in designation will likely result in NOx Reasonably Available Control Technology, VOC Control Technique Guidelines, emissions offsets, and other new programs to be initiated for Ohio to reach attainment.

A meeting is scheduled for later this month in Cleveland to address these same concerns, as Northeast Ohio also appears to be headed for a new designation of moderate non-attainment. The OMA will be working with members and Ohio EPA on this important issue, which could affect manufacturers and Ohio’s overall economy. 2/13/2020