OMA Discusses Proposed Phosphorus Limits with Ohio EPA Leaders

This week a large group of OMA member companies met with leaders of Ohio EPA including Assistant Director, Laura Factor, Deputy Director for Water Resources, Karl Gebhardt, and Division of Surface Water Chief, Tiffani Kavalec, to discuss the agency’s Draft Action Plan for Lake Erie.

A primary concern of manufacturers is the agency’s decision to confine – through legislative mandate – all permitted water dischargers to a 1.0 mg/L monthly average phosphorus limit. Not only will this proposal have a negative impact on Ohio’s direct discharging manufacturers, but it will also negatively impact indirect manufacturer dischargers who may be penalized by their local publicly owned treatment works which must also follow this proposed mandate.

OMA previously submitted comments on the Draft Action Plan and will continue to work with members and allies to amend the proposal’s onerous phosphorus limit. If you are interested in engaging on the issue or learning more, contact OMA’s Rob Brundrett. 11/9/2018