OMA Comments to Ohio EPA re. Textile Exclusion

On Tuesday, Ohio EPA held a public hearing on its latest iteration of the Hazardous Waste Laundered Textile Exclusion rule proposal. The OMA was the only organization that attended to provide comments.

OMA’s Rob Brundrett, Director, Public Policy Services, said in his formal comments: “Placing more stringent requirements in Ohio versus neighboring states that already operate textile-exclusion policies has the potential of placing Ohio manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage or creating a system that does not conform with generally accepted environmentally safe practices. Consequently, the OMA reiterates its belief that Ohio should consider those rules already adopted by neighboring states,” and that “instead of creating and implementing an entirely novel regulatory scheme for textile exclusion, Ohio EPA should consider and adopt the approach taken by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.”

Ohio EPA will continue to prepare the rules and will be responding to the OMA comments. 8/1/2018