Ohio EPA’s Air Quality Chief Presents to OMA Environment Committee

Bob Hodanbosi, the longtime chief of air pollution control at Ohio EPA, was the keynote speaker at this week’s meeting of the OMA Environment Committee.

In his presentation, Hodanbosi briefed members on progress made to improve Ohio’s air quality and ensure compliance. In the categories of 24-hour particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and lead, the entire state is designated as “in attainment” with federal clean air standards. However, portions of Ohio are designated as in non-attainment for annual particulate matter, sulfur dioxide (SO2), and ozone.

Other highlights from the meeting included an update on federal and state issues, as well as a report from OMA Environmental Counsel Frank Merrill of Bricker & Eckler LLP.

The OMA Environment Committee, chaired by Julianne Kurdila of ArcelorMittal, will meet again October 23. 6/12/2019

The Ohio EPA’s Bob Hodanbosi briefs OMA members on the state’s air quality efforts.