Ohio EPA Phosphorus Bill Shelved

Two weeks ago Ohio EPA Director Craig Butler announced his intent to have legislation introduced that would, among other things, place a statewide phosphorus limit of 1 mg/L on direct dischargers.

The OMA’s phosphorus working group has been working with legislators and experts on this issue since last summer.

Earlier this week Rep. Steve Arndt (R-Port Clinton), who was thought to be the lawmaker to introduce the legislation, had this to say about the proposed EPA bill: “I plan on introducing legislation, but probably not in the form of the draft the Ohio EPA has provided me. I’ve been meeting with a number of interested parties, because this is much broader in scope than what I originally discussed with Ohio EPA. I think they have merit, some of the issues we’re discussing, but obviously as currently written there will be some strong opposition. I think there is a pathway for us to properly address it.”

This is good news for OMA members who will be impacted either through their own permits or as indirect dischargers.

The OMA work group was very active in derailing the EPA version. Thank you to the members who have donated time and expertise to this important issue. 4/5/2018