Ohio EPA Official: Cincinnati to Regain Ozone Attainment Status

On June 8, the OMA’s Environment Committee held its second meeting of 2022. Sponsored by OMA Connections Partner Jones Day, approximately 60 members attended either in person or virtually. In addition to updates on recent Statehouse activity, members heard from Ohio EPA’s Bob Hodanbosi, who oversees the division of air pollution control.

In his presentation, Hodanbosi provided insight on the U.S. EPA’s cross-state air pollution rule. He also informed members that Cincinnati has been redesignated as in attainment for ozone levels, but Cleveland is expected to be “bumped up” to the level of moderate non-attainment. (Click here for updates on the ozone attainment status of both cities.) Christy Schirra of Bricker & Eckler LLP, the OMA’s general counsel, also briefed members on key topics.

The committee is scheduled to meet again Oct. 5. 6/8/2022