Ohio EPA Offers Compliance Help with Conditional Exemption for Hazardous Waste Contaminated Wipes and Apparel

The Ohio EPA has established a web page to help manufacturers interested in taking advantage of the recently introduced conditional exemption for hazardous waste contaminated wipes and apparel that are laundered and returned for reuse.

The exemption includes – but is not limited to – rags, mops, drop cloths, and apparel (for example, gloves, uniforms, smocks and coveralls), which can be made of woven or unwoven and natural or synthetic materials (fabric, leather or rubber-like material).

Because many of these contaminated textiles are intended to be cleaned onsite or sent to a laundry or similar facility for cleaning, they may be excluded from the hazardous waste regulations provided the facility that generated the material meets all conditions of the exclusion. 2/28/2019