Ohio EPA Addressing River Nutrient Standards

Ohio EPA has issued Early Stakeholder Outreach regarding a new water quality standards rule that would address large river nutrients. You can read the related documents on the EPA’s website.

This rule is designed to cover Ohio’s standards for eutrophication endpoints in Ohio’s Large River Assessment Units. In addition, a target phosphorus concentration is being considered for river segments that are over-enriched as demonstrated by the standard. This would be an entirely new rule.

Ohio EPA defends the proposed rule stating that eutrophication of a water body is the result of releasing excess amounts of nutrients. If left unchecked, eutrophication can lead to harmful algal blooms (HABs), the depletion of oxygen, and fish kills. Eutrophication is one of the leading causes of impairment of aquatic life in Ohio’s lakes, streams, and rivers.

Since 2002, Ohio has been working to establish empirically-based targets that link excessive amounts of nutrients to water quality problems that excessive nutrients create. This rule will establish indicators for nutrient enrichment in Ohio’s large rivers.

The OMA is actively involved in Ohio regulations regarding nutrients in the state’s bodies of water. If you are interested in participating in the OMA’s nutrient work group, or have questions or comments, please contact Rob Brundrett.

Ohio EPA will be accepting comments on this Early Stakeholder Outreach until September 26, 2018. Email your comments to Ohio EPA here. 9/6/2018