Auxiliary Container Bill Sent to Governor

The Ohio House of Representatives this week voted 58-35 to accept the Senate’s changes to House Bill 242 — often referred to as the “plastic bags bill” in the news media. HB 242 prevents local governments from putting fees or bans on the use of auxiliary containers, such as plastic bags or other types of containers often used in retail and the food and beverage industry. Ohio is a manufacturing leader for these types of containers.

The major change to HB 242 made by the Senate was the inclusion of a 12-month sunset on the pre-emption provision. Several local governments in Ohio had previously banned certain types of containers, although some had already repealed their ban due to COVID-19. Bill supporters say HB 242 provides uniform business regulations across the state.

The OMA supported the bill and will work to increase the length of the pre-emption in future legislation. Gov. Mike DeWine is expected to sign the bill. 9/24/2020