What Does HB 6 Mean for Ohio Manufacturers?

Aside from the obvious new charges that customers will be forced to pay to subsidize two nuclear facilities and two old coal power plants, HB 6 grants significant new authority to state officials to interfere in competitive power markets. Under HB 6, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) will have sweeping new authority to determine new charges on customers’ power bills. The OMA Energy Group will be participating in upcoming rate making and rule making. All manufacturers are invited to join this effort to protect their interests.

Prior to the House vote earlier this week, the OMA dispatched an alert to House members detailing key reasons to oppose HB 6. While proponent lawmakers dismissed the concerns, investors have already warned they will abandon a planned $500 million expansion of a natural gas power plant in Troy due to the bailout legislation. Read the OMA’s myths-versus-facts document on HB 6. Join the discussion at the OMA Energy Committee meeting in Mayfield Heights, Aug. 29. 7/25/2019