To FERC: Reject DOE Secretary Perry’s Utility Subsidy Proposal

Scores of advocates filed comment with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to oppose a proposed federal rule that would subsidize unprofitable nuclear power plants and some coal power plants. The rule was proposed by U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry earlier this fall.

Electrical grid operators and regulators including PJM Interconnection and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) filed comment opposing the proposed rule for it distortion of markets. PJM’s comments describe a disproportionate effect on customers in the PJM region, which includes Ohio.

Cn behalf of its members, the OMA Energy Group filed comment opposing the rule-making.

These other consumer coalitions also filed comments in opposition: American Manufacturers & Large Institutional Customers and ELCON et al.

Several FERC experts have publicly taken a dim view of the rule proposal as just the latest attempt by some utility companies to prop up their revenues in the wake of competitive generation markets which are saving customers billions of dollars annually.

Energy-intensive manufacturers are invited to join the OMA Energy Group to protect your interests. 11/2/2017