State, Local Challenges Could Hinder Biden’s Renewable Energy Goals

President Joe Biden wants to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by half by the end of this decade. To achieve this, the country would not only need unprecedented growth in its renewable energy generation, but it would also need what some experts say is a “near-impossible” rapid buildout of our transmission network, according to a new Associated Press report.

In addition to financial and technological hurdles, expanding and modernizing the nation’s electric grid would guarantee legal fights at the state and local levels — including from “NIMBY” (Not In My Back Yard) and “BANANA” (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone) groups.

Because of the state and local dynamic, the Biden climate change plan — as well as its challenges and opportunities — will be one of the key topics discussed at the OMA Energy Committee’s next meeting, set for May 27. Register here. 4/29/2021