Solar and Wind Energy Siting Bill Sent to Governor

Unrelated to the budget, the House this week voted 52-44 — followed by a Senate concurrence vote of 21-12 — to approve Senate Bill 52, which would make significant changes to Ohio’s power siting process for large-scale wind and solar projects. Specifically, the bill would:

Critics say the bill unfairly singles out wind and solar projects. In an attempt to provide a workable solution, the OMA engaged at the Power Siting Board-level to reach a compromise — one that still achieved the goals of the bill sponsors — but remains opposed to the final version of the bill. To ensure clarity, uniform policy, and economy of process, the OMA continues to urge a statewide approach to such projects and decisions.

The bill now awaits Gov. Mike DeWine’s signature or veto. 6/30/2021