PJM: Markets Improve Costs, Investment and Reliability

The regional transmission operator PJM told a House committee this week that the competitive electricity markets are lowering costs, stimulating investment, and providing system reliability in Ohio.

Stu Bresler, Senior Vice President of Operations and Markets for PJM, testified: “Ohioans, over the last five years, have seen more than $1 billion dollars in savings through our competitive markets.

“Since 2017, over ~3,200MWs of new generating capacity has come online in Ohio. An additional 7,800 MWs of new generating capacity is currently in some stage of development,” he stated.

“Although 3,000 MW of older generating units have been deactivated or retired since 2016, that generation has been replaced with more reliable and lower cost generating units. This is another indication that PJM’s competitive markets are working effectively,” said Bresler. 4/10/2019