Pennsylvania to Join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative as EnergyHarbor Rescinds Nuclear Plant Closure

Pennsylvania’s nuclear and renewable energy power plants may continue to receive PJM capacity revenue — while Ohio’s may not. Here’s why:

It has been reported that EnergyHarbor, the company formerly known as FirstEnergy Solutions (FES), has rescinded its closure of the Beaver Valley nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania. Not that long ago, FES had argued to the Pennsylvania General Assembly that the plant was uneconomical, but it failed to win approval of state subsidies — the opposite of what happened in Ohio. Now Pennsylvania intends to join the multi-state carbon market known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), prompting the reversal of Beaver Valley’s closure. RGGI’s compensation to nuclear power plants for no-carbon power is unlikely to be qualified as a state subsidy. 3/19/2020