OMA to Regulators: Reject Latest Utility Scheme to Corner Federal Infrastructure Funds

This week the OMA gained media attention for its position in a proceeding at the PUCO that will govern how federal funds from the massive transportation and infrastructure stimulus package should be spent.

At issue is how the state should allocate federal funds for electric grid resiliency. Investor-owned utility FirstEnergy suggested the PUCO dole out the funds to only four recipients. The OMA called on PUCO regulators to reject that suggestion, noting that Ohio has precisely four investor-owned utilities and that the proposal would prevent the federal funds from being used to strengthen portions of the grid owned by cooperatives or municipal systems.

The OMA urged the PUCO to award the grants based on merit, a commonsense approach that would prevent enriching monopoly utilities at customer expense. Join the OMA Energy Group to support manufacturing competitiveness. 10/12/2022