OMA Says No to Another Utility Giveaway

This week, the OMA was part of a chorus of opponents to House Bill 247 — legislation that would further erode Ohio’s electric generation deregulation law. View the OMA testimony.

The bill is supported by Ohio’s four electric distribution monopoly utilities, which would gain entry into generation, services, and products that are presently off limits to distribution utilities. Moreover, the bill would allow utilities to charge captive customers more money to build out unnecessary infrastructure — all while generally removing many customer protections, especially with regards to corporate separation.

HB 247 comes on the heels of the enactment of the anti-market HB 6, supported by a majority of Republican leaders. A vote on HB 247 is likely later this year. The bill will be discussed at the Nov. 13 OMA Government Affairs Committee meeting, as well as the Nov. 21 Energy Committee meeting. 10/24/2019