Ohio Senate Energy Leader Visits OMA

On Feb. 17, Sen. Rob McColley (R-Napoleon) addressed the OMA Energy Committee’s first meeting of 2022. A member of the Ohio Senate’s leadership team, McColley also chairs the Energy and Public Utilities Committee.

In his remarks, the senator discussed several top concerns, including PJM Interconnection’s proposed changes to its minimum offer price rule (MOPR). McColley, who voted against House Bill 6 in 2019, also questioned the wisdom of Ohio’s ratepayer-funded subsidies for OVEC’s 70-year-old coal-fired generation facilities.

Members were briefed on the latest energy-related developments, including FirstEnergy’s claim that it will be more aggressive in asking regulators to approve customer rate hikes (see related story). The meeting also provided an overview of electricity and natural gas market trends. The OMA Energy Committee meets again May 11. 2/17/2022