Lame Duck Legislature Considers Romanchuk Repeal of HB 6

On Dec. 9, the Ohio Senate Energy Committee held a second hearing on House Bill 772 introduced by Rep. Mark Romanchuk. OMA member Brad Belden — president of The Belden Brick Company, Canton, and chair of the OMA Energy Committee — appeared in-person at the Statehouse to present OMA testimony in support of HB 772. (His testimony begins at the 31:50 mark in this video.)

Belden cited many reasons why HB 772 is preferable to other legislation that would either repeal HB 6 or delay its policies. He told senators that “there is no need for the subsidy – not now, and not in a year from now.”

Since the post-election session has been extended for at least another week, it’s not too late to contact your state legislators and tell them to pass HB 772 to protect customers and markets. 12/10/2020