HB 6 Repeal Lite Stalls

Among the most anticipated pieces of legislation being considered in the final days of the current legislative session is the repeal of House Bill 6.

On Thursday, Dec. 17, the House Select Committee on Energy Policy and Oversight narrowly approved HB 798, sponsored by Rep. Jim Hoops (R-Napoleon), as a response to the scandal-ridden HB 6. But HB 798 was not sent to the full House, raising speculation that the House lacked sufficient votes for its approval. Supporters of HB 798 are now attempting to attach it to other House legislation, including House-approved bills pending in conference committee, thereby limiting the opportunity for floor amendments.

The OMA opposes HB 798 and has issued a key vote alert to lawmakers. If you haven’t already done so, communicate your concerns to state senators and representatives — letting them know you oppose efforts to pass HB 798 — and send them the OMA key vote alert. 12/18/2020