Franklin County Judge Halts Collection of HB 6 Fees

A Franklin County judge this week ordered that $170 million per year in statewide customer charges — authorized under House Bill 6 — may not be collected from customer bills beginning in January. The charges would subsidize two nuclear power plants and three solar farms.

Along with Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, the OMA took legal steps to stop the collection of the new subsidies. This is especially important since the General Assembly failed to repeal the unjustified subsidies during the current legislative session. For further insight on the legal action, read this update from OMA energy counsel.

In a news release, Yost said the judge’s ruling “proves that the powerful can be held accountable and that corruption will be rooted out. Everybody who pays an electric bill whether for their own home or a job-sustaining manufacturer, is the winner today. Your pocket will not be picked.” 12/23/2020