Fake Petitions, More Ads: The Latest Tactics in Attempt to Stop HB 6 Referendum

Signatures continue to be collected to place a referendum on Ohio’s ballot to overturn House Bill 6 — the recently enacted law that forces Ohio customers to subsidize nuclear and other power plants. As we reported earlier this month, pro-HB 6 defenders are utilizing “blockers” to deter voters from signing the referendum petition.

This week, the pro-HB 6 defenders began circulating their own non-binding petition forms to further confuse voters. Also, they have begun airing yet another TV and radio advertisement that inaccurately portrays the Chinese government as the opponent to HB 6 — similar to the first ad.

The Energy News Network this week published a story on who is behind the Chinese conspiracy ads and the attempt to stop Ohio’s HB 6 referendum. 9/26/2019