Customer Groups Testify in Support of Electric Markets

Members of the Ohio House Public Utilities Committee this week heard from numerous important stakeholders who support House Bill 247, legislation sponsored by Rep. Mark Romanchuk (R-Mansfield) that would protect customers’ electricity costs by reforming the PUCO rate setting process in favor of markets.

In his proponent testimony, OMA Energy Committee Chair Bradley Belden, VP-Administration, Belden Brick Company, questioned why policymakers would consider subsidies for electric generation and urged lawmakers to approve the bill to put a stop to above-market charges layered on the distribution portion of customer bills.

OMA Government Affairs Committee Vice Chair Luke Harms, Sr. Manager, Government Relations, Whirlpool Corporation, also provided proponent testimony saying, “Above-market charges are an issue of concern for manufacturers of all sizes because they drive up energy costs without delivering any additional benefit to customers. And this is happening at a time when market prices are in decline and electric bills should be dropping, not rising.”

Other supporters of the bill who testified this week include representatives of AARP, National Federation of Independent Business/Ohio and the Ohio Chemistry Technology Council. 11/30/2017