Columbia Gas Looks to Increase Transmission Costs

Last summer, Columbia Gas Transmission filed a rate case proposal with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to recoup roughly $3 billion in capital and operational expenses associated with its transmission system. As filed, the proposal has the potential to increase transmission charges up to 78%.

The OMA Energy Group (OMAEG) intervened in the case to protect manufacturers’ interests, specifically to reduce the proposed rate increase and eliminate any new penalties or operating restrictions. The proposed increased rates have been implemented, subject to refund, but implementation of the new penalties and operating restrictions have been delayed pending ongoing settlement discussions.

A hearing is expected to commence in September. Members that are feeling the impacts of this case — or are concerned about its effects — can reach out to the OMA to learn how they can participate in the proceedings by joining the OMAEG. Contact Rob Brundrett. 3/25/2021