Bipartisan Senate Bill Would End Subsidies for OVEC Coal Power Plants

Sen. Romanchuk (R-Mansfield) and Sen. Hearcel Craig (D-Columbus) this week presented compelling testimony on SB 117 to repeal the subsidies granted in 2019’s HB 6 for two uneconomical coal plants owned by the Ohio Valley Electric Corp. (OVEC), one of which is in Indiana.

The owners of the plants are AEP, Duke and AES Ohio (formerly Dayton Power & Light). The proponents say that ratepayers should not be forced to pay for past poor business decisions.

Separately, Sen. Romanchuk also testified in support of SB 118 to rollback $20 million a year in payments to five solar projects – another subsidy folded into the corrupt HB 6.

Both measures are supported by OMA to continue to get Ohio’s energy policy back on track. More to come. 3/31/2021