Bill Promotes Unviable Nuclear Technology

The Ohio House Energy and Natural Resources Committee this week held a third hearing on House Bill 104. The legislation is intended to spur the development of molten salt reactor (thorium) power generation by creating a public-private partnership and a for-profit lobbying company to advance policy aimed at attracting research and development of the presently unviable technology. Under HB 104, the state-supported entities would be given eminent domain authority to seize private property to site new nuclear waste disposal sites in Ohio.

Last week, a series of proponents appeared to testify in favor of the bill. The OMA has not yet provided testimony. However, the OMA’s Ryan Augsburger wrote the bill’s primary sponsor Rep. Dick Stein (R-Norwalk) this week to express concerns. The bill will be discussed at the Nov. 21 OMA Energy Committee meeting. 10/31/2019