AEP Seeks New Customer Rate Mandate

In an affront to Ohio’s policy supporting competitive electric generation markets, AEP asked the PUCO for permission to develop over 900 MW of renewable generation, which would be paid for by customers.

In its filing the Ohio utility claims it needs the generation in order to supply non-shopping customers with generation. In response, OMA energy counsel Kim Bojko of Carpenter Lipps & Leland wrote in her analysis of the case: “AEP Ohio concedes that the PJM wholesale markets are adequately supplying capacity and energy to the AEP Ohio load zone. Nonetheless, AEP Ohio argues that these self-supplied renewable resources are required to “most effectively” meet its obligation to provide a standard service offer (SSO) to its customers.”

The OMA Energy Group is a party to the PUCO case and will be asking tough questions to protect Ohio manufacturers from being forced to pay more distribution charges if there is not clear justification and benefit.

Contact OMA’s Ryan Augsburger to learn more about how your company can support the effort. 9/25/2018