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The Who’s Who of Apprenticeships!

October 12, 2018

At the Ohio Manufacturers’ Workforce Summit on November 1, learn from national experts about the trends and opportunities in registered- and industry-recognized apprenticeships and what they might mean for growing your workforce.

Our panelists are:

  • Gardner Carrick, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, The Manufacturing Institute
  • Dean Guido, Regional Director, U.S. Dept. of Labor Office of Apprenticeship
  • Montez King, Executive Director of NIMS
  • Dr. Michael E. Wooten, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Community Colleges, Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education

Register now! 10/11/2018

CASE STUDY: MakerMinded’s Student Competitions Promote Manufacturing Skills

October 5, 2018

MakerMinded, a digital platform launched by LIFT (Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow) in 2016, is connecting Ohio’s middle school and high school students with innovative ways to gain STEM skills while learning about the opportunities ahead in 21st century manufacturing.

MakerMinded is constantly researching new activities so there are plenty of options whether a school is in a city, suburb or rural area. The program also works to support diverse learning styles.

“We are proud to stand behind MakerMinded as an initiative that will help companies connect to the future talent they need to grow and ensure the workforce has the skills to excel,” said OMA President Eric Burkland. “An estimated 2 million skilled manufacturing jobs are expected to go unfilled in the U.S. by 2025, so it’s important we prepare students to take advantage of those opportunities.”

Read more about how MakerMinded promotes STEM careers. Contact National Manager Jacey Cavanagh to see how to make sure your local schools are involved. 10/1/2018

The Future of Jobs 2028

September 28, 2018

A recent study by the World Economic Forum, “The Future of Jobs 2028,” projects that by 2022, machines will carry out 42% of all labor, and an accelerated 52% just three years later. That’s up from a 29% automated share last year.

About 75 million workers could lose their jobs to automation by 2022. However, if those workers are given “significant” re-skilling, and a pipeline of new workers is created in schools and colleges, companies could create 133 million new jobs by 2022.

The report defines “signficant” as more than three months of retraining. 9/25/2018

Workforce Help is on the Way Nov. 1

September 21, 2018

Manufacturers tell us their #1 issue is workforce – sufficient ready and willing workers. Skilled or ready-to-train.

The Ohio Manufacturers Workforce Summit on November 1 will provide information, answers and ideas for your workforce issues.

The agenda is set, the presenters are ready. All you need to do is register to hold your spot. 9/15/2018

CASE STUDY: Mobile Lab Brings High-Tech Training to Employers

September 21, 2018

When it comes to closing the skills gap, Marion Technical College (MTC) is going the extra mile with a mobile lab that provides training on state-of-the-art manufacturing technology – right on the employer’s site.

The lab was engineered from the ground up to include a CNC (computer numerical control) mini-mill capable of creating precision parts and prototypes as well as a desktop robot. The 400-square-foot lab also includes six control units at which students can learn to program the mill as well as room for nine students and an instructor.

Read more about the mobile lab here! 9/20/2018

CASE STUDY: Attracting the Workforce of Tomorrow

September 14, 2018

Addressing root causes of the talent shortage is a top priority for Alliance for Working Together (AWT), a nonprofit based in Lake County that includes about 100 manufacturers, support businesses and educators.

Toward that goal, AWT’s annual RoboBots competition is a fun, exciting forum for reaching high school students along with a Junior Bots program for middle school students. Student teams spend months designing and building their robots. The teams work with a mentor from a local manufacturing company, which gives them exposure to additional expertise – and today’s manufacturing workplace.

Read more about AWT’s manufacturing career-supporting programs, including Summer Manufacturing Institute and ThinkMFG Career Expo. 9/11/2018

CASE STUDY: How the North Central Workforce Alliance Supports Manufacturing Careers

September 7, 2018

Through the North Central Workforce Alliance of Ohio (NCWA), employers are coming together to share resources and ideas about how to attract, train and retain the workforce needed for area businesses to grow. The organization serves a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, in Ashland, Holmes and nearby counties.

This spotlight is the second in a series of case studies about how industry sector partnerships are supporting manufacturing careers in their communities.

Read about the NCWA Girls with Goggles and Teachers’ Boot Camp programs. The NCWA executive director is Erv Howard. 9/5/2018

Last Minute MFG Day Resources for Employers

September 7, 2018








Well, it’s not really the last minute because – while MFG Day 2018 is October 5 – you can execute MFG Day-style events anytime!

  • Make sure your message is heard with an audio tour system from TourGuide Solutions, a Preferred Vendor and the Official Headset Sponsor for Manufacturing Day 2018.
  • The Host Media Guide is a great resource not only for getting the word out about your MFG Day event, but also establishing ongoing relationships with local media you can leverage to promote your organization in the future.
  • If you’re wondering how to leverage digital marketing to promote your event, check out the official MFG Day Host Promotion Kit. Included in the kit are practical tips for email and social media marketing for marketers of all skill levels.

As of today, there are already 111 MFG Day events planned in Ohio. 9/6/2018

Students visit Nidec Minster Corp., Minster, OH

Ohio Export Internship Program

September 7, 2018

Applications are now available for companies to request a summer 2019 intern through the Ohio Export Internship Program. It is designed for companies looking to improve their export initiatives.

The program matches companies with students from Ohio universities who have taken export-focused coursework at The Ohio State University Max M. Fisher College of Business, Cleveland State University’s Monte Ahuja College of Business or Youngstown State University’s Williamson College of Business Administration.

The Ohio Development Services Agency provides a 50% reimbursement for intern wages, up to $3,600. The deadline to apply is February 1, 2019.

Learn more here. 9/5/2018

DeWine Meets with Mahoning Valley Manufacturers

August 31, 2018

Gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine talks workforce development strategy with Ohio manufacturers.

This week Attorney General Mike DeWine visited with leaders and partners of the Mahoning Valley Manufacturers Coalition (MVMC) to discuss improving Ohio’s workforce development system.

MVMC is Ohio’s premier ‘industry sector partnership,’ aligning regional education and workforce development assets around the requirements of the region’s industrial base.

The DeWine-Husted campaign has industry sector partnerships as a core strategy for workforce development.

The meeting was hosted by OMA member company Taylor-Winfield, and brought together university, community college, career center, and K-12 leaders from the region.

The session was moderated by OMA president Eric Burkland and organized by MVMC executive director Jessica Borza. 8/29/2018