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Governor Signs Firefighter Cancer Bill into Law

January 13, 2017

Last week, Governor Kasich signed Senate Bill 27, the “firefighter cancer bill,” into law, making it possible for firefighters with cancer to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

For workers’ compensation purposes, the bill presumes that firefighters who develop cancer contracted the disease while performing their firefighting duties.

The OMA worked to ensure the bill included protections against potential expansion to other industries.

OMA workers’ compensation counsel Sue Wetzel of Bricker & Eckler provides this summary of the final bill1/12/2017

High Court Decision Overrides Bargained Provision

January 6, 2017

In a recent Supreme Court of Ohio case, State ex rel. BF Goodrich Co. v. Indus. Commission of Ohio, the injured worker sought overtime compensation for the time she was in the employer’s light duty/restricted employee work program as a result of a workplace injury.

The terms of the program were determined by a collective-bargaining agreement that contained a provision that employees on light duty outside of their own job classification are not eligible for overtime.

Parties escalated the case through the judicial system until the high court eventually held that the claimant was eligible for wage-loss compensation because 1) she suffered a reduction in wages during the periods of time at issue, and 2) her placement in the light-duty program was causally related to the allowed conditions of her claims.

Read more from OMA counsel, Sue Wetzel, of Bricker & Eckler.  12/29/2016