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DeWine Unveils Prosperity Plan

August 17, 2018

Republican candidate for governor, Mike DeWine, released his three-point plan for advancing Ohio’s prosperity. The planks are:

  • Train more people with the skills they need
  • Ignite innovation, research and investment
  • Eliminate burdensome regulations & allow businesses to flourish

The plan states: “Our state’s future depends on every Ohioan — whether living in a city, suburb or rural community — gaining the skills he or she needs to find high-wage jobs and a meaningful place in this fast-changing, world competitive economy.”

OMA president Eric Burkland reacted to the plan, saying: “In working with manufacturers of all sizes across Ohio, we have learned that the issues the DeWine-Husted campaign has prioritized are spot-on.

“The focus on preparing Ohioans for meaningful work and acting to match workers with employers is of utmost priority. The largest barrier to growing the economy is a significant workforce shortage.

“Mike DeWine’s plan to foster training and development pathways for workers responds to the greatest challenge of our era.” 8/15/2018

OMA Chairman Opens New Facility

August 17, 2018

This week, OMA chairman of the board, Scott Balogh, president, Mar-Bal, Inc., opened a new manufacturing facility in Painesville in partnership with Altraset.

The new facility will produce engineered composite materials and custom molded parts for a wide variety of industries. 8/16/2018

Congressman David Joyce (center) joins Steve Balogh, VP, and Scott Balogh, President, Mar-Bal, Inc. Scott is OMA chairman of the board.

Ballot Issue Thwarted by High Court

August 17, 2018

The Supreme Court of Ohio has invalidated a proposed constitutional amendment intended to mandate price controls on dialysis treatment services. Amendment backers were attempting to place the issue on the November 6, 2018 general election ballot.

The court found merit in an election complaint filed by the Ohio Renal Association alleging that the petition circulation managers had not completed necessary disclosures with the Ohio Secretary of State prior to collecting voter signatures.

“Enacting a price control on any good or service is an unwise amendment of the Ohio Constitution. Moreover, we call on state lawmakers to advance reforms that curtail ballot issues initiated by special interests,” commented OMA’s Ryan Augsburger, VP and Managing Director, Public Policy Services. 8/13/2018

OMA Outlines Policy Agenda 2018/19

August 10, 2018

The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA) has just published its seven-point Public Policy Competitiveness Agenda 2018/19 as the organization prepares for its 109th year of protecting and growing Ohio manufacturing.

These policy priorities reflect manufacturers’ requirements as expressed by members through the association’s policy committees, board of directors, and other forums.

“Our members drive the policies that protect and grow Ohio manufacturing. We look forward to continuing to work with them through the fall and as the 133rd Ohio General Assembly is seated in January 2019,” commented OMA’s Ryan Ausgburger, VP and Managing Director, Public Policy Services.

Members are encouraged to share the agenda with their elected officials. Let us know if you would like hard copies.

Learn more about committee work here and join policy committees at My OMA (see My Communities). 8/7/2018

“GOP Skirts Disaster in Ohio”

August 10, 2018

So says Politico in a headline story on Tuesday’s special election for Ohio’s 12th congressional district, a race closely watched across the country as a bellwether for November’s general election.

State Senator Troy Balderson from Zanesville was initially up by 1,700 votes over Franklin County Recorder Danny O’Connor. The district is overwhelmingly Republican. In the last election for this seat, former Congressman Pat Tiberi won by 31 points. Governor Kasich held the seat before Tiberi.

The result is being read by national political pundits as trouble for Republicans for control of the House post November. But, the pundits haven’t been getting much right lately. 8/8/2018

RSM on Impact of Import/Export Taxes

August 10, 2018

According to OMA Connections Partner RSM: “The hit to the economy caused by the taxes on imports and exports will spread asymmetrically across the industrial ecosystems that make up the domestic economy. Based on our conversation with officials in Washington, it is apparent that the middle market will bear a disproportionate burden of adjustments from trade tariffs and should prepare accordingly.”

You can read further in RSM’s August issue of The Real Economy, in which the potential of a global trade war and specific industry impacts are discussed. 8/7/2018

OMA-PAC Board Endorses DeWine-Husted

August 3, 2018

The OMA-PAC board of directors of The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA) has formally endorsed the Mike DeWine-Jon Husted ticket in the 2018 gubernatorial race.

“The board’s endorsement of DeWine-Husted was based on the ticket’s focus on the economy, workforce development, jobs, education, opioids/substance abuse and strengthening communities,” said OMA-PAC Chair Jane M. Neal, senior vice president of AMG Vanadium LLC in Cambridge, Ohio. “These priorities are in line with manufacturers’ priorities.”

The OMA-PAC’s decision to endorse DeWine-Husted also reflects the candidates’ deep knowledge of and wide experience in state government.

“The DeWine-Husted team has the kind of frontline knowledge and experience that will serve Ohio well,” said Scott Balogh, president and CEO of Mar-Bal, Inc. in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and OMA chairman of the board and member of the OMA-PAC executive committee. “As it faces complex challenges, Ohio deserves strong leaders with vision and commitment to capitalize on opportunities. We believe those leaders are Mike DeWine and Jon Husted.”

Here’s the OMA-PAC’s press statement. 8/1/2018

OMA’s 2018 Ohio Election Guide Posted

July 27, 2018

Dear Fellow Ohioan:

Producing the Ohio Election Guide is a biennial tradition of The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association going back more than two decades. The Guide is a highly anticipated resource around “Cap Square” and well beyond.

It is compiled to provide comprehensive information about our state, federal and key judicial candidates. And it is compiled to provide insights about Ohio’s House, Senate and Congressional districts.

Political Index—The updated 2018 political index incorporates six recent major elections and represents the district’s relative Republican/Democrat voting strength. The 2014 and 2016 indices are also provided to inform political-leaning shifts in the districts.

Updated demographic profile for each district—There are fresh district demographic data that can provide insight into the socioeconomic makeup of the citizen base in each district.

There continues to be no more pressing issue than the economic vitality of Ohio and the availability of good jobs for its citizens. The work of our elected leaders and officials contributes greatly to the social and economic environment in Ohio. We acknowledge their courage in undertaking the grave responsibilities of elected office and we thank them for working to protect our citizens and our democracy.

Please acknowledge the advertising organizations that make this project possible. The Ohio Election Guide is funded solely through the support of these friends of good government.

Finally, make your unique voice heard! Vote in the November 6th elections!




Scott J. Balogh
President & CEO
Mar-Bal, Inc.
Chairman, The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association

House Seats New Member

July 27, 2018

This week J. Todd Smith was sworn in to the Ohio House of Representatives as its newest member. He was appointed to fill the vacant seat in the 43rd House District.

Former representative Jeff Rezebek was appointed by Governor Kasich to fill a vacancy on the Montgomery County Juvenile Court bench.

Smith is a graduate of Cincinnati Christian University and has been the pastor at The Church at Farmersville for 21 years.

Smith is an active participant in his community and local school district. He is running for reelection to the 43rd House District this fall. 7/26/2018

ODOT Proposes Heavy Truck Permit Fee Increase in Draft Rule Package

July 27, 2018

ODOT’s package of proposed rule revisions governing the movement of permitted heavy trucks has advanced through the regulatory process and is nearing the final stage. But there is still time for manufacturers to review and comment on the proposed revisions.

Certain heavy truck fees will be increased under the proposal, a measure which is intended to finance greater permit processing efficiency.

A public hearing will be held in Columbus on August 17. Learn more about the hearing or how you can file comment by viewing this public hearing notice. 7/26/2018