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DeWine Visits with OMA Board of Directors

June 15, 2018

Attorney General Mike DeWine, the Republican candidate for governor, visited with the OMA board of directors this week. General DeWine discussed issues of importance to Ohio manufacturers and the state’s economy. Two key areas of focus were tackling the state’s opioid crisis and addressing the critical workforce shortages across the state. 6/14/2018

2018 Campaign: Cordray and Brown Hold Early Advantage

June 15, 2018

With fewer than five months until the November election – and even fewer with early voting – a pair of recent credible polls show Democrat Rich Cordray edging Republican Mike DeWine in the race for Ohio governor. And, in the U.S. Senate contest incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown has a healthy lead over Republican Jim Renacci.

The polls also measured Ohioan’s approval ratings of President Trump, Governor Kasich and U.S. Senator Rob Portman.

Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll said: “The closeness between Richard Cordray and Attorney General Mike DeWine should not be surprising, since this race for governor is a re-run of the race between the two men in 2010 for the attorney general’s job that DeWine won by 1 percentage point. Now, Cordray and DeWine split the key independent vote and get roughly the same share of their party bases.”

Another poll released this week this one by Suffolk University and the Cincinnati Enquirer showed Cordray leads DeWine 43% to 36%. That poll pegs Sherrod Brown with a 16% lead over Renacci. “The composition of the electorate will be different in the midterm than it was in the 2016 election, when Donald Trump won Ohio,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Research Center. “Without Trump on the ballot, some of his supporters will stay away. But the anti-Trump voters are intensely focused, and that could benefit the Democrats on the ballot.” 6/14/2018

Your MFG DAY 2018 Planning Tools

June 15, 2018

While MFG DAY 2018 is October 5, it might be a good time for a team to start a plan. All the resources you need can be found on the MFG DAY website. Your event can be on any day this year (it doesn’t have to be on October 5, 2018). You can also choose to close your event to the public if you need to.



The classic MFG DAY event is a manufacturer’s plant tour. Here are some options to help you decide on the type of event that best works for you.


Register your event here. If you need some help, this blog post has tips for how to complete the process in five minutes or less.


Essential reading for all MFG DAY hosts, this toolkit is full of advice and templates for creating successful events and getting all the right people to attend. 6/14/2018

Ohio’s Speaker is Rep. Ryan Smith

June 8, 2018

Rep. Ryan Smith (R-Bidwell) was elected Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives on Wednesday. After ten deadlocked ballots, Smith was elected by a plurality in the eleventh round. Supreme Court Justice Pat Fischer was on hand to immediately administer the oath of office.

With the Speaker vacancy now filled, the House is returning to the peoples’ business of considering legislation. In the first session under the new Speaker, the House acted on 17 pieces of backlogged legislation.

In his inaugural address, Speaker Smith called on members to “put our divisions aside and honor our commitments to serve the people of Ohio.” He also encouraged members to treat each other with dignity and respect.

You can watch the historic and unprecedented House session on the Ohio Channel. Rep. Bob Cupp (R-Lima) eloquently nominated Smith highlighting his leadership ability, noting that he helped to deliver two balanced state budgets as chairman of the powerful House Finance Committee. Cupp praised Smith for being respectful, inclusive, decisive, and candid.

The former Supreme Court of Ohio Justice and veteran legislator also commented: “Weeks of orchestrated rumor, fabricated innuendo and unfounded speculation have done nothing to change what experience has shown – that Ryan Smith is an honorable man.” 6/7/2018

DeWine-Husted Ticket Focused on Economy

June 8, 2018

Lt. Governor candidate Jon Husted visited with members of the OMA Government Affairs Committee this week. Husted told committee members that the DeWine-Husted administration will be focused on jobs and the economy.

He entertained members’ questions about energy policy, legal climate, state tax competitiveness, workforce development and gun rights vis a vis private property.

Husted expressed confidence in a strong Republican ticket in spite of speculation of a Democrat wave in the general election.

Also during the meeting members heard political insights from Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper.

The committee will next meet in northeast Ohio on September 13. Register here. 6/7/2018

Candidate for Ohio Lt. Governor, Jon Husted, addresses OMA Gov’t. Affairs Committee. Committee vice chairman, Luke Harms, Sr. Manager, Government Relations, Whirlpool Corp., looks on.

Yost Visits with Manufacturing Leaders

June 8, 2018

Auditor of State, and candidate for Attorney General, Dave Yost stopped by the OMA this week to visit with manufacturing leaders and talk about manufacturing competitiveness issues.

Yost engaged with OMA members on matters of tort reform, energy and environment, workforce development, opioids, and others. Yost understands the importance of a regulatory and legal environment that supports industrial growth in Ohio. 6/7/2018

Auditor of State, and candidate for Attorney General, Dave Yost (left) stopped by the OMA this week to visit with manufacturing leaders.

Resources for Dealing with the Threat of Cyber Attack

June 8, 2018

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and frequent, with a reported 4,000 attacks on small businesses each day.

The advisors with The Ohio State University’s Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) have developed a comprehensive program that provides an assessment of your current system as it pertains to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) 800-171 cybersecurity framework, and can also work with you to provide needed remediation with trusted industry partners.

CDME can assess your current cybersecurity status and advise on the actions needed to strengthen your digital borders against cyber threats. Contact Jamey Dixon, IT Growth Advisor, Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Program, (614) 292-5239. 6/5/2018

Husted and Pepper to Highlight Government Affairs Committee

June 1, 2018

Members of the OMA Government Affairs Committee will gather next Wednesday, June 6, to review state public policy issues affecting Ohio manufacturers.

The committee will hear election insights from Republican Lt. Governor candidate Jon Husted and from Ohio Democrat Party Chair David Pepper.

OMA members can participate in person or call in; register here. 5/31/2018

A Troubling Window into Army Corps Machinations over Cuyahoga River Dredge

June 1, 2018

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial board this week: “(A)recent Senate subcommittee investigation led by Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio reminds us how recently Corps officials were “gaming” the system with budget manipulations and attempted extortion over keeping Cleveland’s economically critical Cuyahoga River navigation channel open for business.”

Read the editorial on the unfortunate Corps behavior. 5/31/2018

Business Leaders to House GOP: Elect a Speaker

May 25, 2018

On Wednesday this week, the House canceled its voting sessions for Wednesday and Thursday, a decision that prevents any progress on voting in a new Speaker to replace Cliff Rosenburger, who resigned amid an FBI investigation.

Not only does the action leave the chamber’s leadership up in the air, it continues to delay votes on pending bills.

Leaders of Ohio’s business communities united early in the week to implore the House GOP caucus to act. A joint letter to Rep. Kirk Schuring, Speaker Pro Tempore, from the executives of the National Federation of Independent Business-Ohio, Ohio Business Roundtable, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, The Ohio Council of Retail Merchants, and The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association said:

“… Our interest – and we believe that of House members – is that the General Assembly take up the policy issues that will continue to support and improve Ohio’s economy and the welfare of its citizens. Without a Speaker – and with the distracting controversy of electing one – we risk timely progress.” 5/23/2018