Ohio EPA Drafting Rules for Alternative Fuel Conversion Grant Program


Ohio EPA is developing a set of rules to implement a new grant program for converting or replacing diesel- and gasoline-powered large vehicles to run on alternative fuels. The agency is seeking public comment on the draft rules. Legislation passed by the Ohio General Assembly in 2016 authorizes Ohio EPA to create an alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) conversion grant program. A total of $5 million is available for grants to encourage the purchase of new large trucks and other vehicles with a gross vehicle rating of at least 26,000 pounds, that run on compressed natural gas, liquid natural gas, or liquid petroleum gas, including bi-fueled or dual-fueled trucks that can run on both an alternative fuel and on gasoline or diesel fuel. Grants can also cover the cost of converting one or more eligible traditional fuel vehicles into alternative fuel vehicles. The Office of Environmental Education is seeking input on these draft rules by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday June 21, 2017. Contact Carolyn Watkins at (614) 644-2873.  5/23/2017