Your Vote for Supreme Court Judges Matters


Political columnist Tom Suddes recently wrote:  “In 2012, when Ohioans re-elected Barack Obama president, 70.5 percent of the state’s registered voters turned out to vote. But turnout in 2012’s three Ohio Supreme Court contests ranged from 50 percent to 52 percent. And in 2014, when Ohioans re-elected Republican John Kasich governor, statewide turnout was 40.6 percent. (Agreed, that was abnormally low thanks to the non-campaign of Kasich’s Democratic challenger, Ed FitzGerald.) Meanwhile, in 2014’s Ohio Supreme Court contests, turnout was roughly 33 percent. That is, there was big voter drop-off.” Supreme Court rulings have far-reaching effects on all Ohioans and deal with things like public education, tax rates, workers’ compensation, product liability, utility rates – and the list goes on and on. That is why the Ohio Alliance for Civil Justice, of which the OMA is a member, is seeking to educate as many Ohioans as possible about the upcoming Supreme Court of Ohio elections. Early voting in Ohio begins October 12.  So, it is time for manufacturing leaders to get out the message on how important it is to get to know the Supreme Court candidates, and to vote. There are two open Ohio Supreme Court seats on the ballot this November and Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor is unopposed in her race.  Three Supreme Court of Ohio races will be on your ballot. The OMA-PAC board voted to endorse these candidates: Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, Judge Pat Fischer, and Judge Pat DeWine.  9/6/2016