Settlement Improves Deal for DP&L Customers


After months of negotiations DP&L reached a settlement with the PUCO staff and other parties in its electric security plan case (ESP III). The Dayton utility last October had applied for a subsidy rider on customers’ bills of $145 million per year for eight years, totaling approximately $1.16 billion. The settlement instead gives the utility a subsidy of $105 million for three years for a total of $315 million. The subsidy will be paid by a new rider on all customers’ bills in the DP&L service territory. Carpenter Lipps & Leland (CLL), counsel for the OMA Energy Group, participated in the negotiations and secured this and other improvements. The OMA Energy Group is a group of OMA members who have a voice in critical PUCO cases and legislation, help steer the OMA’s legal resources, and get first-hand updates and weekly members-only case summaries. Contact the OMA’s Ryan Augsburger to learn more.  3/23/2017