OMA Supports Protections Against Unsafe Used Tires


This week, the OMA joined forces with the Rubber Manufacturers Association to support House Bill 574 which imposes new legal restrictions against the installation of unsafe used tires. “Industry leaders have identified a problem with too many unsafe used tires entering the stream of commerce, available for installation to a motoring public who may not be aware of their unsafe condition,” said the OMA’s Ryan Augsburger in proponent testimony. In his testimony, Daniel Zielinsky of the Rubber Manufacturers Association said, “The installation of used tires is not subject to any regulations. HB 574 seeks to weed out those tires that every tire professional can and should know poses an unreasonable risk to motorist safety. Simply put, if you’re in the business of selling tires, you should know not to sell tires that match the conditions listed in this legislation.”  12/1/2016