OMA Opposes OVEC Utility Bailout Scheme


As the General Assembly approaches summer recess, utilities are lobbying strenuously to pass a law that would force customers of multiple utilities to subsidize two unprofitable power plants, one in southern Ohio and one in Indiana. These power plants are owned by a coalition of utilities known as the Ohio Valley Energy Corporation (OVEC). OMA Energy Counsel Kim Bojko, of Carpenter Lipps & Leland, testified on behalf of OMA before the Senate Public Utilities Committee about the bill’s potential negative impact on the competitive energy markets, customers’ energy costs, manufacturing competitiveness, and job creation in our state. In in a joint communication with AARP-Ohio, Ohio Office of the Consumers’ Counsel and Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC), OMA documented concerns to lawmakers  saying Ohioans “will pay at least $104 million, and as much as $256 million (or more), per year in rate increases for decades if this legislation is passed.” Here is an OMA white paper that describes the problematic legislation6/14/2017