OMA Engages Media on Electricity Cost Increase Proposals


This week the OMA held a media briefing on the pending AEP and FirstEnergy applications for Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).  OMA Energy Group expert witnesses joined with manufacturing member representatives to describe how the proposed agreements will add significant costs to manufacturers, while constraining market competition for electric generation. Hannah News Service, Inc. reported concerns expressed by Dr. Edward “Ned” Hill, an economist with The Ohio State University.  Ohio Public Radio featured Brad Belden, Director, Support Services, The Belden Brick Company, who said it is unfair for manufacturers to shoulder the cost of the utility companies’ subsidies, after already paying for the transition to a competitive electricity market in Ohio. Also this week, as reported in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, competitive electric supplier Dynegy, an opponent to the PPA settlements, submitted a proposal to the PUCO to supply the contested electricity at a savings of $5 billion over the PPA subsidy proposals. If you haven’t already, consider expressing your concern regarding the costs of the PPA proposals (see your estimated impact here) to your elected officials.